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Major revision of information during December 2008
The original front registration plate (edited) Southdown 451 Group - East Worthing
Views depicting the history & restoration of GUF 191.
Guy Motors Company Logo, on papers owned by G Dinnage.

Guy Motors 1949 Catalogue, cover of booklet owned by G Dinnage. Guy Motors Genuine Headed Paper, owned by G Dinnage. Southdown Motor Services 451, GUF 191, 1945 Guy Arab II
451, GUF191, Arab II, 5LW. Ch: FD27376, built 1/45. Northern Counties H30/26R.
January 1945 - New to Southdown Motor Services.
October 1954 body rebuilt to H28/26R seating.
March 1959 converted to open-top and seating arrangement of O30/26R.
1964 Exported to Denmark, to Maribo and District Tourist Company. Used at the Lollands Railway.
17/04/1964 Tourist Association of Denmark, Maribo, Lolland, Denmark. Registered LR80.113 and later AR88.141.
August 1970, with Maribo Tourist Board.
July 1976, stored at Aalholm Automobil Museum, Nysted, Lolland, Denmark, not as an exhibit. Also with another double-deck bus (all-Leyland PD) formally owned by DSB (The Danish Railways).
1994: Michael Jansen, Stubbekoebing, Falster, Denmark
29/06/1995 seen on a truck driving east of Falkerslev (Falster), same day the truck with the bus was seen in Nęstved (south Sealand).
Dec 2000 Sold to 'Dansk Veteranbil Udlejning', Frydenborgvej, Hillerod, Sjelland, Denmark.
20/09/2001 Repatriated to UK by an exchange deal at Harwich docks for an ex-Guernseybus RT, by a helpful few enthusiasts.

Financed by the principal of the 'Southdown 451 Group - East Worthing' Ian Richardson (for preservation).
There have been a small group of supporters that have assisted in some way to its purchase, ongoing financial costs, and restoration through grateful donations of materials, hands-on work & some in finance. At the present time these valued enthusiasts names have not been made public. '451' does not belong to or part of any other Southdown bus group.

(Photos - Cover of Guy Motors 1949 catalogue, headed paper and the company logo seen top right, owned by G Dinnage)
photo #2 © Alan Lambert AG16/34 Portslade works, Victoria Road - GUF 191 May 1959
This photo of GUF191 is taken outside the Victoria Road Southdown Motor Services Portslade works, just after conversion to open top May 1959. Taken by Alan Lambert AG16/34 with Devils Dyke on the destination screen.
(Photo - Alan Lambert/Ian Richardson Collection)
photo #3 Brighton Seafront by Volks Railway - Unknown photographer
Brighton Seafront by Volks Railway GUF 191
Taken beside the Volk's Railway Madeira Drive, Brighton, near the Peters Pan playground by an unknown photographer for a publicity photo shot. Private on the destination screen with side advert for 'Visit the Devils Dyke' on the Southdown open top bus service 27.
(Photo - Ian Richardson Collection)
photo #4 © Jim H Jones/Dinnages Library Brighton Pool Valley GUF 191
GUF 191 taken by the Late Jim Jones in the original bus bays of Pool Valley Bus & Coach Station. Sadly no such splendid vehicles adorn this area today, with the bays removed, Pool Valley is a poor example of a central coach stop off & pick up point primarily for National Express. No information has been found so far from Jim Jones notes, with the reverse of this photo almost blank, nevertheless a fine view even if showing a little dark gives the route as 27 to Devils Dyke and Pool Valley.
(Photo - © Jim H Jones/Dinnages Library)
photo #5 © DT/STT/Dinnages Library Southdown Motor Services 1944 GUF 126
One of a few photographs taken by the Late Dave Taylor of GUF 126 operating services around Beachy Head and Eastbourne, similar to GUF 191 in that both were rebodied during the next nine years following GUF 69 in 1950, with 32 similarly changed to permanent open toppers. Seven survived as seasonally used vehicles with Southdown Motor Services until 1964. GUF126 seen here had the 6LW engine fitted because of the heavy climbs up Beachy Head and Birling Gap. but still the same Northern Counties Utility body.
(Photo - © DT/STT/Dinnages Library)
photo #6 © DT/STT/Dinnages Library Southdown Motor Services 1944 GUF 124
Another photograph by Dave Taylor, this time of GUF 124 operating again services around Eastbourne and Birling Gap, had the same 6LW engine and the same Northern Counties Utility body. However this one had an earlier form of open-top conversion seen without that upper front curve of windows. Note the splendid side adverts for those services to Birling Gap and the 197 service.
GUF 451 worked within the areas of routes 102 and 27 because generally the vehicles on those services were only fitted with the smaller capacity 5LW engine not suitable for the 197 service fully laden.
(Photo - © DT/STT/Dinnages Library)
photo #7 © DT/STT/Dinnages Library Southdown Motor Services 1946 GUF 397
The third photograph by Dave Taylor, showing GUF 397 (497) also operating services in the Eastbourne area, had a similar open-top version although this Utility body was by Park Royal.
(Photo - © DT/STT/Dinnages Library)

Guy Motors parts catalogue cover owned by Ian Richardson Guy Motors Headed paper owned by G Dinnage Guy Motors catalogue owned by G Dinnage Guy Motors catalogue owned by G Dinnage Guy Motors letter heading papers owned by G Dinnage
From original ownership, to new owners, its uses and finally restoration for preservation.

© Unknown 11/08/1968 AJ88141 Skandia Donates to Maribo - 1964-1976
Related extract from the in-house publication 'The Southdown Cronicle' circa April 1964.
Ex-Southdown open topper helps to foster trade with Denmark
(One of Southdown Motor Services) Guy Arab 56-seater Northern Counties' bus... landed at Gedser, on the island of Falster, Denmark. The vehicle was donated by Skandia Engineering Limited of Ipswich to Falster's Maribo Tourist Association as a gesture to help foster and boost trade between Denmark and Britian. The Association used it to take tourists and visitors around the lakes and beauty spots on the island. Without this initial generous gift to Denmark from Skandia, this somewhat rare bus would not have been in existance to have been repatriated in 2001. The person who took this view has so far been untraced and would be given a credit and a link to whatever site they choose. Alternatvely the image will be replaced with another on request. No payment is offered for views on our non-profit informational web pages. (Photo - © Unknown 11/08/1968)
© Julian Osborne 28/07/86 Aalholm Automobil Museum - 1976-1994
View taken July 1986, although stored from July 1976 at the Aalholm Automobil Museum, Nysted, Lolland, Denmark, but not referenced as an exhibit. In the same museum with another double-deck bus (all-Leyland PD) formally owned by DSB (The Danish Railways).
(Photo - © Julian Osborne 28/07/1986)
© Julian Osborne 20/09/2001 Repatriation at Harwich Docks 2001
A team of enthusiasts repatriate Southdown Motor Services Guy Arab 451, GUF 191 at Harwich Docks on the 20th September 2001.
451 was apparently towed on board at Esbjerg but had to be driven off at Harwich.
Greatful correction about location, not Felixstowe but Harwich Docks put right by Julian Osbourne who was there at the time.
photo #9a © Julian Osborne 20/09/2001 Commercial recovery services provided by Emsworth & District, 451 driven by Chris Pearce
(Photos - © Julian Osborne)
© Julian Osborne 20/09/2001 GuernseyBus 29105 Ex. London Transport AEC RT4037 LUC 196
One of the former London Transport AEC RT class Regent IIIs operated the summer open-top service on the channel island of Guernsey. These were used up until the year 2000. As of the cessation of Guernseybus, the three open top Regents and an unused closed top AEC RT plus open-top Leyland PS1 Tigers, these all went to Mike Nash of Weybridge for preservation or onward sale. Fleet Number 18, former registation LUC196, becoming available in April 2001 became the swap for the Guy Arab 451, GUF191. Therefore RT4037 is recorded in ownership as being bought by Dansk Veteranbil Udlejning, Hillerod, Denmark in September 2001. See info at Ian's Bus Stop
(Photo - © Julian Osborne)
Worthing Seafront Fair & Bus Running Day 2002 Worthing Seafront Fair & Bus Running Day - 2002
This photo is one of the many likely taken at the Worthing Seafront Fair & Bus Running Day 2002, being the only public event this vehicle GUF191 has ever attended. The view has been edited so as to remove the unsightly yellow no parking cones surround the bus on the day, otherwise just as Steve Wright took and provided originals to us for this site.
Did you contribute to the donation box seen here on the tow bar, if so please do get in touch.
Worthing Seafront Fair & Bus Running Day 2002, donations box
(Photos - © Steve Wright)
East Worthing Storage Yard - © G Dinnage/Dinnages Library Southdown Guy Arab under restoration - 2005.
One of many views taken during earlier stages of restoration of Ex. Southdown Motor Services Guy Arab 451, under cover sheets in the storage yard, this one in May 2005.

The original rear registration plate (edited)  Picture of the real, original rear registration plate

( < Photo - © Dinnages Library)
East Worthing public viewing number two! 10-09-05 © G Dinnage Second Public viewing of 451 - 10-09-2005
Enthusiasts were offered to visit & photograph 451 in its current state after some steady restoration since the public viewing at the Worthing Running Day mentioned above, by the Principal owner, Ian Richardson.
Other than already planned group members, only one serious enthusiast showed an interest.
No doubt had this been an offer to have a 'free ride' around Worthing for the day the group would have been inundated with visitors, likely to have had to turn people away! Oh the joys of serious preservation.
In this view of 10th September you can see some of the changes in restoration from the earlier rally view, also by this time the completely new upper deck flooring had been completed.

(Photos - © Dinnages Library)

East Worthing public viewing number two! 10-09-05 © G Dinnage

All material used here is copyright, pictures source are credited where known, and either part of a personal collection or part of the Dinnages Negative Library.
None of these views to be published elsewhere! This page, off the Sussex-Transport Home Page, is all freely provided to this group.

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